The aims of this Blog

The main purpose is to publish a german language, so far unpublished book titeled “Staatsstreich in Zeitlupe. Österreichs Entführung nach Europa”. This means in free translation “Coup d’Etat in slow motion. Austrias Hijacking to a future European State”.

The reasons, why it is not (yet) available in print are manifold and they will be adressed in a seperate post. It shall use this blog to publish all 300 pages, step by step over the next eight weeks, starting the second week of march. The chapters will not necessarily be published in numerical order.

But they will be published in full as pdf, which can be downloaded freely from a separate page of this blog. These pdfs will be in german only.

Each chapter will be accompanied by a post, which gives a short summary in german and in english. Please be lenient with my english texts – I am no native speaker. I try to have them all proofread, but this occasions costs and requires time.

I know, that a central element of blogging is to have discussions, but I am afraid, that there will be no comments in the beginning. I am new to blogging and I still have to get a grip on it. As some of the issues could be touchy (legally), I would have to moderate the discussion and this, again, requires time. I would hate to close down this blog because of legal troubles.

So if you want to have a discussion, please put a link from your favorite forum. If you let me know about it and it is of interest to me, I can use the opportunity to chime in.

Who I am

I am a 50 + plus year old austrian journalist. I have been working for nearly 25 years in the media business. But I quit my job last year and started to write the Staatsstreich-book. Although it was part of my job I did not know what I know now, after researching and writing for a year. Not even half of it.

My nom de plume is Andreas van de Kamp and my decision to use a pen name is not about anonymity. Nor am I afraid to be associated with what I wrote. I just want to remain a private person as well.

My main contention is nothing new at all. It indicates what many have been suspecting for a long time, but most traditional media (on the continent) refuse to bring up: that the so called european project seems to be little more than a plan to do away with post world war II democracies without being able (or willing) to replace them by an adequate democratic model on a large scale. In my opinion this would not be possible anyway – not under the present circumstances.

You can describe this as eurosceptic, but only for a lack of a better word. It is not so much Europe, I am sceptical about.

I am deeply suspicious towards the model that is being used to bring about political unification; the capabilities and intentions of the so called european leaders; and towards the methods of their little helpers in my home country.