Peter Schiff: “Trump wird der Sündenbock sein” – Zitat des Tages

Aus einem Interview mit Peter Schiff auf Infowars: “I think, Trump is going to get blamed, because he has already claimed credit, how great this all is. He said: Because of me the economy is booming… (maybe new fed chairman Jerome Powell wants to help him) – but I dont think its going to help, because things are going to be too little, too late. The economy is too bad, the bubble is too big.”

“There is too much air, that another round of quantitative easing (or) cutting interest rates from 1,5 pc to zero is (…) going to do it.There are no more bubbles to inflate. We have the biggest bubble now, we have the mother of all bubbles and the air is coming out of it. I don’t think, that Trump can get out of Dodge in time.”

Kleine Ergänzung zur Bubble-Internationale.  

Unabhängiger Journalist

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