Ukraine – another crisis-”best chance” for EU empire building

“Europe will be forged in crises, and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises.” Jean Monnet

There is plenty of evidence, that the euro crisis was used to vice-like force together european nation states. Most of the post 2010 so called reforms, which were imposed on the european nations, would have never been possible without a crisis. As I write in my book, there is even room for the suspicion, that  this financial crsis was engineered/managed to achieve integrationist goals.

Now there seems to be another kind of crisis, which is intentionally used to whet the europeans’ appetite for geopolitical greatness and to provide a pretence for the empire building of europeanist elites – the Ukraine.

The only thing at stake is the eastward enlargement of EU and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation – at least for “Brussels” (EU commission and NATO HQ).

For them the needs and wants of the ordinary Ukrainians do not matter one iota. As FT wrote on sunday: “Crimea crisis is moment of truth for Europe’s global ambitions”.

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