Brexit: “Macron wants UK out, but germans want to keep exports”

“For Macron it is a power grab. He wants to centralize the EU in the EU’s central institutions (…) Angela Merkel wants a(n) EU that works for Germany and for the german business community – it exports an aweful lot to Britain. So she wants Britain locked into the EU’s customs union.” Alexander Mercouris, The Duran, 6.4.2019

It’s a difference of tactics (between Macron and Merkel), not so much a difference of strategy.

Each one wants a more centralized EU. Macron wants a more supranational EU, controlled from Brussels, Merkel wants a german dominated EU, controlled from Frankfurt and Berlin.

Macron wants the British out, because they will impede his project of a centralized, supranational EU, whereas Merkel wants the British in, because they are a(n) important market for german business. That’s it in a nutshell.”

Unabhängiger Journalist

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