Der Sinn des “Vault 7-Leaks” – Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Zitat d. Tages

Who the hell is Dr. Pieczenik? Dieser Blog hat ein Faible für verrückte Typen, die den Eindruck erwecken, ihr Name sei Niemand – ehe sie den Zyklopen blenden. Pieczenik will für eine Gruppe verfassungstreuer Militärs und Geheimdienstler sprechen, die mit Trump einen legalen Counter-Coup gegen den tiefen Staat durchgezogen hat.

Ob P. authentisch ist oder ob er nur die geheimen Wünsche einer bestimmten Klientel bedienen soll, weiß ich nicht. Mein BS-Geigerzähler hat bei seiner Erzählung jedenfalls nicht ausgeschlagen. P’s Lesart von Vault 7 ist zumindest spektakulär.

Vault 7 is not just a leak. (…) This time around the reason, why these leaks are given, was to simply take down the CIA (…)

This is a strict indictment (of what happened) under Obama and what happened with the increased surveillance of (by) the CIA during the last eight years and the previous eight years under Bush jr (…)

The honorable people inside the CIA realized, that this was a mandate, that has been exceeded. In other words: This is criminal action (…)”

This ist not just (about) ‘leftist’ or ‘globalist’ This involves John D. Rockefeller, who is head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, this involves Susan Collins, this involves Mark Rubio, this involves Dianne Feinstein. This involves many people, who are in the Senate Intelligence Committee, who are (were) aware of this for over eight to twelf years and did nothing (…)”

Our community and the intelligence community, both civilian and military, want to warn the american republic and the world, that the so called smart appliances, let’s say: a phone, a smart TV, Samsung, Sony – even your smart card – are totally vulnerable to the NSA and particularly the CIA (…)

Now the NSA always had the mandate for cybercommand and cyberwarfare. The indivual (entity), that never had the command or the mandate, was the CIA (…)

It has already committed crimes against the state (…) The 9/11 issue was so embarrasing to our military, where they were literally bush whacked into a war by none other than the civilian CIA. And John Brennan was a major element, George Tenet (and) Peter (Porter) Goss.

A whole group of congressmen and senators, who eventually became honorable (?) or whatever else they did. They were criminals. In return, the Intelligence Community said, we no longer want to be part of a republic, which dupes the american public.”

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