Ignorante Pols, Machtmissbrauch & Verfassungen – Zitat d. Tages

“An economic cataclysm has been unleashed upon the world by Western politicians and bureaucrats. Unbelievably, economic activity in the West has slowed to a creep, as entire populations have been confined to their homes for weeks, if not months. As a result, millions have had their lives turned upside down. Most entrepreneurs and self-employed persons have had their livelihoods jeopardized (…) This politically triggered economic crisis could then also lead, hopefully, to a clearer understanding among the population that constitutional changes are due in many countries, in order to limit the powers of executive branches everywhere.” Mises Institute, Politicians Have Destroyed Markets and Ignored Human Rights with Alarming Enthusiasm, 5.5.2020

Unabhängiger Journalist

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