Julian Assange, “Demokratie” und selektive Strafverfolgung – Zitat

“Assange has been locked away for years in a maximum-security prison in Britain. He is facing extradition to face 17 counts of violating the Espionage Act for disclosing classified information. If the Brits deliver Assange to the U.S. government, he has almost no chance for a fair trial because of how prosecutions are rigged in federal court (…)  At this point, America is an Impunity Democracy in which government officials pay no price for their abuses (…) Pervasive secrecy helps explain the collapse of trust in Washington. Americans today are more likely to believe in witches, ghosts, and astrology than to trust the federal government (…) Assange is guilty of lese-majeste – embarrassing the government by exposing their follies, frauds, and crimes.” James Bovard, Julian Assange and Our Impunity Democracy, mises.org, 7.10.2022

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