Ukrainische Kriegspropaganda und westliche Journaille – Zitat d. Tages

“The Western media did everything in its power to give the Ukrainian defense the appearance of far greater strength than it really possessed. Careful observers noted that the same video clips of Russian tanks under attack were shown repeatedly. Local counterattacks were reported as though they were operational maneuvers (…) Kiev’s war with Moscow is lost. Ukrainian forces are being bled white. Trained replacements do not exist in sufficient numbers to influence the battle, and the situation grows more desperate by the hour. No amount of U.S. and allied military aid or assistance short of direct military intervention by U.S. and NATO ground forces can change this harsh reality.” When the Lies Come Home, Douglas MacGregor, The American Conservative

EUropa, mach’ Schluss mit dem selbstmörderischen Unsinn! – Zitat

“For your own children´s sake – on my knees and with my saddened eyes humbly looking downwards – I beg of you to please stop the current self-destructive nonsense dead in its tracks by immediately demanding from your political class to import the bloody Russian oil normally once again as Europe had been doing for dozens of years. The impact that the ban on Russian oil has upon your daily lives now and for years yonder is such that at the very least a Referendum should have been held.” Jorge Vilches, Pitchforks soon in Europe?,, Zerohedge, 11./13.6.2022

“Politik nicht mehr die Lösung, sondern das Problem” – Zitat

“Politik ist nicht die Lösung, Politik ist das Problem in der Zwischenzeit (…) Wir sehen, dass das Parteiensystem, die Politik, wie wir sie momentan haben, nicht mehr zeitgemäß ist, nicht mehr funktioniert, zu lahm ist, zu inkompetent, zu korrupt ist und diesen Unmut sieht man ja seit mehreren Jahren. Wir sehen eigentlich Vertragsbrüche am laufenden Band, wir sehen Inkompetenz, Fehlentscheidungen, historische Fehlentscheidungen….” Marc Friedrich, Politik ist nicht mehr die Lösung, sondern das Problem, YT, 28.5.2022

Politicos, Technokraten: Ultimative Apokalyptische Reiter – Zitat

The true horsemen of the current ‘apocalypse’ then, are the western elites and technocrats, safe in their gated communities, whose inability to act appropriately and whose self-centred propensity to act against the public interest, threatens real hardship for large numbers of people.  And with this in mind, perhaps, it is worth considering that once the various ideological narratives have been wiped away, the one common factor that can be found in every revolution ever, was the presence of large numbers of rumbling bellies in the days and months before.” The Fake Horsemen of the Apokalypse”,

Ohne Ammoniak, Plastik, Stahl und Zement geht’s nicht – Zitat d. Tages

“Modern economies will always be tied to massive material flows, whether those of ammonia-based fertilizers to feed the still-growing global population; plastics, steel, and cement needed for new tools, machines, structures, and infrastructures; or new inputs required to produce solar cells, wind turbines, electric cars, and storage batteries. And until all energies used to extract and process these materials come from renewable conversions, modern civilization will remain fundamentally dependent on the fossil fuels used in the production of these indispensable materials. No artificial intelligence designs, no apps, no claims of coming ‘dematerialization’ will change that.” Vaclav Smil, The Modern World Can’t Exist Without These Four Ingredients. They All Require Fossil Fuels [Read more...]

Schanghai, Teststation f. Untergang der Welt wie wir diese kennen, Zitat

“Shanghai has always been seen as the most “civilized” city in China. Shanghai is often called Le Paris de l’Orient, it is an “international” first tier city… probably the top Chinese city in terms of openness, quality of life and access to medical care. Nobody expected to see such levels of insanity in Shanghai… in other areas of the country, yes, but not here (…) My take is: It could be a test for something much bigger (ie., war, energy crisis) or they are truly afraid of the unrest if lots of old people were to die. Chinese people tend to get emotional and the last thing the authorities want to deal with is mobs lynching doctors in the streets.” Ugo Bardi, The lockdown in China: if the powerful are doing something that looks stupid, is because whatever they’re doing IS actually stupid

Ukraine: “US-Kriegsziel ist weitere Schwächung Russlands” – Zitat

“This is a one-sided match, it’s murder pure and simple. Every Ukrainian soldier we’re training to use an American artillery piece will die in combat that’s a guaranteed outcome. There’s no military math that can change this. The same thing with every Ukrainian soldier training to drive a Polish tank or an East German armored fighting vehicle they are going to die (…) so I believe the president (Biden) has been briefed on the inevitable outcome of this conflict and that the goal right now is to drag this out in hopes of further weakening Russia.” Scott Ritter – Putin Ukraine Biden Update (Judge Napolitano-Interview), YT, 26.4.2022

Die Geschichte von zwei Vitamin D-Studien – Zitat des Tages

“We can say, there’s no difference here between the higher dose (of a Vit D. supplemented group), the lower dose (group) and the no offer group dose (wrt respiratory infections including Covid). Surprising – but that is, what the evidence is showing (…) Again that gives us a comparison between those two groups – patients with lower vitamin D levels were 14 times more likely to have severe or critical illness.” Dr. John Campbell, Vitamin D, a tale of two studies

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Die Lockdowns, nicht “die Seuche” erzeugten Verwüstungen – Zitat

“It is not, and has never been, the pandemic that has been creating financial insecurities for families and destroying the social lives of our youth. It is not the pandemic that is increasing the rates of depression, drug abuse, and suicidal thoughts among teenagers (and adults, even if not as severely). These are the costs of the policy responses to the pandemic that have, in the name of keeping us safe, told vulnerable young people that they cannot see their friends, show their faces, or engage in any of the social activities that help them develop into mentally healthy adults. It is time for the media to start reporting that it is the lockdowns, the isolationism, and the social-distancing mandates—not the pandemic—that have taken such a toll on teenagers.” Chris Calton, Lockdowns, Not the Pandemic, Created Havoc,, 6.4.2022

Krieg in der Ukraine und NATO-Erweiterung – Zitat des Tages

“There are two ways of thinking about the causes of the present crisis, which now, of course, involves war in Ukraine. The first view, which is the conventional wisdom for sure in the west and certainly in the US, is that Putin is to blame and that Putin is revanchist (…) The other view, which is my view, is, this is all about NATO expansion and the tap root of the problem is the April 2008 NATO decision (…)  to include both Georgia and Ukraine in NATO. The russians said at the time – Putin in particular, but all the russian elites, that this is categorically unacceptable, we are drawing a red line in the sand – Georgia and Ukraine are not going to become a part of NATO.” Booknotes+ Podcast: John Mearsheimer on Ukraine, International Relations, and the Military (C-SPAN, Youtube), ab 28:14

Ukraine: Die Social Media und die “Hassreden” – Zitat des Tages

“Meta Platforms FB.O erlaubt Facebook- und Instagram-Nutzern in einigen Ländern, im Zusammenhang mit der Invasion in der Ukraine zu Gewalt gegen Russen und russische Soldaten aufzurufen. Dies geht aus internen E-Mails hervor, die Reuters am Donnerstag einsehen konnte.” Facebook and Instagram to temporarily allow calls for violence against Russians (eigene Übersetzung), Reuters, 10.3.2022

Über das angebliche Ende des Covid-Narrativs – Zitat des Tages

Worst of all, if that’s even possible, it’s also abundantly clear that dozens of named players in the US and global virology community conspired to hide the lab origin, and their role in its creation, from the world (…) My main point is that the Covid debacle was a mishmash of false narratives, misaligned incentives, and a completely defective media apparatus that was unable to do anything more than parrot the obvious lies of the power centers. In other words, it wasn’t the Covid that was the problem, but having the wrong people in power and allowing them to foist some clearly wrong and defective narratives upon us all.” Chris Martenson, When False Narratives Break

Über genuine Wissenschaft und “Szientismus” – Zitat des Tages

“What the great unwashed call ‘science’ is really a perverted version of religion better called ‘scentism’. Scientism is mostly about corrupting science by pouring humongous amounts of money over charlatans dancing and singing about something they call ‘science’. In reality it is just entertainment and story telling. I have been on the inside of that circus for more than 30 year. Seen the big elephants dance.” Oddys, ein Poster

Gaskrise, Stickstoffdünger & Lebensmittelproduktion – Zitat

“One essential but often overlooked ingredient is nitrogen fertilizer. Its application provides an important nutrient that supports the growth of crops. For years, farmers have enjoyed easy access to it, especially in the developed world. That’s about to change. In 2022, for the first time in memory, farmers are looking to reduce their reliance on fertilizer. We’re almost certainly going to use less of it and with that comes the risk of a reduced harvest. This is not a choice but a necessity, driven by a sharp spike in fertilizer prices.” AgWeb, The Global High-Stakes Food Experiment No One is Talking About, 13.1. 2022