“Krieg gegen Russland, nicht gegen einander”: Annalena in Straßburg

“Yes we have to do more to defend Ukraine, yes we have to do more also on tanks – but the most important and the crucial part is, that we do it together and that we do not do the blame game in Europe because we are fighting a war against Russia and not against each other.” Deutsche Außenministerin Annalena “Plappermäulchen” Baerbock vor dem EU-Parlament, 25.1.2023

“Metallklumpen am Meeresgrund” – Zitat des Tages

“Ich -  und ich glaube, die gesamte (US-)Regierung -  sind äußerst erfreut, dass die Nordstream 2 jetzt ein Metallklumpen am Meeresgrund ist, wie sie (die US-Senatoren) zu sagen belieben.” Victoria Nuland, (Unter-)Staatssekretärin im US-Außenministerium am 26.1.2023, Forbes Breaking News via YT (eigene Übersetzung)

Dieselkrise & strategische Reserve – Zitat des Tages

“La escasez de diésel ya está empezando a hacer mella en Europa. En la actualidad, falta casi el 25% del consumo de diésel de Europa, el cual se está cubriendo con las reservas estratégicas de algunos estados: Austria, Croacia, Suiza, Alemania y Francia por culpa de las huelgas en las refinerías de Total.” Antonio Turiel: “La escasez de energía y falta de materias primas nos aboca a una época como el fin del Imperio Romano”,  El Diario/ileon, 5.1.2023 [Read more...]

Covid und die Übersterblichkeit seit 2021- Zitat des Tages

“To overgeneralize: In 2020, the vulnerable died of Covid at unusually high rates. In 2021 and 2022, Covid continued its assault, but the young, middle-aged, and healthy also died in aberrantly high numbers of something else.  These patterns are repeating across the high-income developed world – Germany, the UK, Japan, South Korea, Australia.” Bret Swanson, Where Did All the Workers Go? A brief look at U.S. all-cause mortality: Part 5, 19.1.2023

Krisenpolitik- und “Wissenschafts-Favoritismus” – Zitat des Tages

“Es kann nicht sein, dass es so ist wie heute. Es gibt eine ganz verengtes Bild von der Wissenschaft und die Politik selber, die sucht sich eigentlich nur die Art von Wissenschaft aus, die Sie hören will, nämlich solche Kollegen, die dann die vorgefassten Entscheidungen nur noch bestätigen und rechtfertigen. (Das) hat  man deutlich in der Corona-Krise gesehen, (das) sehen wir aber auch in der Euro-Krise und Klima-Krise.”  Krise als Mittel zur Macht – Prof. Fritz Söllner auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse, JF auf YT,  Oktober 2022

The Ukraine, Russia and the USA – Zitat des Tages

“Bottom line: Ukraine is and always was within Russia’s sphere-of-influence, and will remain so. The USA has no business there and it will be best for all concerned when we bug out. Let’s hope that happens without America triggering a nuclear World War Three. (Yeah, “hope” is not a plan. Try prayer, then.) Mr. Putin’s challenge going into 2023 is to conclude the Ukraine hostilities without humiliating the USA to the degree that we do something really stupid.” James Howard Kunstler, Forecast 2023 — Get Out of the Way if You Can’t Lend a Hand,  Clusterfuck Nation, 30.12.2022

Über das FBI, kommunistische Mitläufer & Konspirationisten, Zitat

“However, it is the attack on its critics that is most striking. While the FBI denounced critics of an earlier era as communists and ‘fellow travelers’, it now uses the same attack narrative to label its critics as ‘conspiracy theorists’. After Watergate, there was bipartisan support for reforming the FBI and intelligence agencies. Today, that cacophony of voices has been replaced by crickets, as much of the media imposes another effective blackout on coverage of the Twitter Files (…) As for the rest of us, the FBI now declares us to be part of a disinformation danger which it is committed to stamping out — ‘conspiracy theorists’ misleading the public simply by criticizing the bureau. Clearly, this is the time for a new Church Committee — and time to reform the FBI.” Jonathan Turley, When The FBI Attacks Critics As “Conspiracy Theorists”, It’s Time To Reform The Bureau, 26.12.2002

Tverberg zu Zwangsvorstellungen über den Klimawandel – Zitat

“The incorrect narrative provided by mainstream media (MSM) is that climate change is our worst problem. To lessen this problem, citizens need to move quickly away from fossil fuels and transition to renewables. The real narrative is that we are running short of fossil fuels that can be profitably extracted, and renewables are not adequate substitutes. However, this narrative is too worrisome for most people to handle.” Gail Tverberg, The economy is moving from a tailwind pushing it along to a headwind holding it back, Our Finite World, 16.12.2022

Luke Gromen über die schwierige US-Fiskalposition & den “Fed-Pivot”

“Once you get federal spending at 25% of GDP and debt at 120% of GDP and deficits at 7% of GDP (…) by the way – at all-time record tax receipts inflated by an everything bubble that’s now deflated (…) Okay, we need to cut spending (…) Okay how much should we cut spending? Well, historically we’ve gone into recessions with 2% of GDP … debt to deficits of GDP (sic), but we’re at 7 so let’s cut, you know, and actually we’re probably closer to 9 now, but let’s just use 7, we’ll cut 5 points of GDP out (…) At the great financial crisis GDP fell 5%  (…) It’s really a question of how you wanna light the fuse.” Luke Gromen: Ballooning Deficit Caused By Higher US Debt Costs Likely To Force The Fed To Pivot, Wealthion, 15.12.2022 (via YT)

Europa: “Verdorbene Gogonzola-Pizza vollendet Lebenszyklus”, Zitat

“Not that state flags are supposed to be works of art, but at least they can be inspiring. But this flag (EU) is completely flat, unoriginal, and depressing. It looks mostly like a blue cheese pizza gone bad (…) It is the conclusion of a thousand-year cycle that’s coming to an end. It was probably unavoidable, but that doesn’t make it less painful. ” Ugo Bardi, The End of Europe: The Conclusion of a Long Historical Cycle, The Seneca Effect, 12.12.2022
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Ein “feindlicher Bruder” über die Weltbeherrschungs-Sekte v. Davos

“The Party at Davos is under the impression that they are the vanguard of neo-Darwinist evolution – when it’s looking instead like they are functionaries of a larger morphic field that is distinctly Luciferian or Ahrimanic in character. This field encapsulates transhumanism, techno-Marxism, technocracy and social credit.” Mark E. Jeftovic, The WEF isn’t a cabal, it’s a cult. World Domination in An Age for Lucifer [Read more...]

Ruf nach parlamentarischen COVID-Ausschüssen i. d. USA, Zitat

“The GOP promised COVID investigations if the party retook the House. It accomplished that (barely). Now it’s time to deliver the goods (…) Here are five investigations the new 118th Congress needs to launch on Day One – no delays, no equivocations, no excuses (…) Investigation #1: COVID origins (…) Investigation #2: Vaccine payoffs (…) Investigation #3: First Amendment violation (…) Investigation #4: Unconstitutional vaxx mandates (…) Investigation #5: Legal immunity from liability for pharmaceutical corporations.” Five COVID Investigations the GOP House Needs to Launch on Day One, The Daily Bell, 18.11.2022

Über die Zunahme von chronischer Krankheit, Übersterblichkeit in UK

“1.430 more people dying than you would expect (in week ending 28 October 2022). Combine this with the 363.000 people who’ve gone to longterm sickness (…) and this really is a health tragedy for the United Kingdom. Terrible deterioration in the health of the nation. Alarming. Obviously you would expect this to be all over (according to) mainstream media (…) Good news on the Covid front, bad news on the excess deaths front, bad news on the morbidity and mortality front.” Dr. John Campbell, Long term sickness increases (YT)

Über Zensur und Unterdrückung “dissidenter Covid-Ärzte” – Zitat

“To counter the perceived threat from doctors and scientists who challenge the official position of governmental and intergovernmental health authorities, some supporters of this orthodoxy have moved to censor those who promote dissenting views (…) Our findings point to the central role played by media organizations, and especially by information technology companies, in attempting to stifle debate over COVID-19 policy and measures. In the effort to silence alternative voices, widespread use was made not only of censorship, but of tactics of suppression that damaged the reputations and careers of dissenting doctors and scientists, regardless of their academic or medical status and regardless of their stature prior to expressing a contrary position.” Yaffa Shir-Raz, Ety Elisha, Brian Martin, Natti Ronel & Josh Guetzkow, Minerva (2022), Censorship and Suppression of Covid-19 Heterodoxy: Tactics and Counter-Tactics