Migration: “Overburdened Spain” wants to pass along its refugees

After being blocked from the central mediterranean route to Italy, African migrants and their people smugglers shifted westwards to Morocco and Spain, where a new government poses as pinnacle of humanitarianism. Münchhausen Juncker “wants to help” and even the mastermind of the migration lobby has some words of advice. But why should there be “european solidarity” for a nation with a) no record of being an asylum country and b) one, that has in a way deliberatley put herself in harms way – acting on the assumption, that others will take “their” fake refugees.

Of course Spain does not really wish to be an aylum country herself – not now and not in the past.

As Eurostat database on asylum and managed migration (migr) shows, Spain had 4.672 positive asylum decisions in 2017 (first instance), out of 442.925 in all EU-28.

That’s barely 1,1% – not very much for this nation with 47 mn. citizens.

And it’s a far cry from being “overburdened”.

Spain is not really a case for “european solidarity”.

And if spaniards do not like what their government is doing, let them pick another bone with PSOE (and with  Podemos for that matter).

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