Climate: European carbon dioxide Cluelessness and Statistics

Journalistic ignoramuses, equally clueless but rightly concerned 16-year-olds and professors, who have followed a dubious theory throughout their professional lives are propagating the deindustrialization of Europe – even though the Union has reduced its yearly CO2 emissions by nearly one gigaton since 1990 – while “the world” increased them by 15 gigatonnes. The popular claim that Europeans ‘profited from the collapse of communism’, is largely wrong too.

The fact that the local CO2 lunatics are allowed to  repeat their fairy tales ad nauseam does not make them more realistic, only more abstruse.

Here is a table with the (“fossil”) CO2 emissions of 1990 and 2018 for the EU-28 and for the whole world.

The fourth column shows the difference in megatons. The source is EDGAR, an EU database – provided, the figures can be compared (“EU28″), the results can be tracked with any other data set (e.g. BP Statistics, UNO-GHG-Inventory, etc.)

CO2 Emissions, yearly in Mt.
1990 2018 Difference
World  22.637  37.887  + 15.250
EU-28  4.409  3.457  - 952

A further defective bullet point, which is constantly being raised, is that the EU had supposedly “only benefited from the collapse of communism and the resulting closure or modernisation of old industries”.

This can be true only partly, if at all.

As the next table shows, in the first decade after COMECON‘s demise the EU avoided approx. 290 megatons of annual emissions, but 660 Mt. CO2 from 2000 to 2018.

To illustrate this further, Russian data are included, showing a steep drop of 750 megatons between 1990 and 2000, just about one third.

Then the values begin to climb continuously to 1.748 Mt today.

This means, that in the first ten years Russia was much more affected by the collapse of communism than Eastern Europe, but after 2000 she increased her emissions continuously once again.

These figures are from EDGAR as well.

CO2 Emissions 1990 – 2018 in Mt.
 1990  2000  2005 2010  2015  2018
 EU-28  4.409  4.122  4.251  3.922  3.492  3.457
 Russia  2.355  1.600  1.623  1.665  1.695  1.748

These figures show the picture of a comprehensive, decades long deception or self-deception in Europe.

It is quite unlikely that this could have happened without the knowledge and/or involvement of local media, scientists and politicos.

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