Der nächste Krieg in Europa – Zitat

“That’s a problem because there are two very good ways to make war happen. The first is to be arrogant, blustering, and unwilling to compromise.  The second is to be militarily weak. The European Union is both (…But) I don’t think the next general European war is imminent, for what it’s worth. If things follow the usual pattern, there will be wars on the periphery first (…) My readers in the United States, to the extent that they can spare the time from the convulsions of an imperial state in extremis, might be equally well advised to keep a wary eye on the other side of the Atlantic, and resist the temptation to get drawn into European quarrels. We’ll have quite enough to deal with over here.” John Michael Greere (vormals  als “Erzdruide” bekannt), “The Next European War”, erschienen in seinem Ecosophia-Blog

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