EU elections: And now, Europeans, they can come for your Fur

Hunter’s jacket, consisting of wild cats’ fur

The EU elections 2014 have passed and all in all it has been a success for the shooting party which has gathered to hunt european nation states down. The latters’ fur may have gotten mangy in some spots, but it is still quite impressive. The big game hunter will not miss the opportunity.

Despite election results in the UK and France and high abstention in parts of south Europe this election lays the ground for the completion of the coup d’etat that is described in this blog. Not because this project has gained any legitimacy whatsoever, but because it showed that europeans are not willing or capable to rear up. They did not rebel against the centrist power cartell – not in a decisive manner that is. In core countries like Germany the stranglehold has become even stronger.

But as the strong performance by souvereignist parties in important countries has demonstrated, the centrist bloc must not hesitate much longer – otherwise it would put its multi decade project at risk. They certainly are aware that they risk running out of time.

So what does it mean when politicians like Germany’s Wolfgang Schäuble say that the “EU vote shows we can keep working on Europe”?  It means that they will act. And they will need to act in a fast and in an extra-/contra-constitutional way.

They can do so by either

  • calling for a paneuropean referendum on the formation of an EU state. as long as they can be sure to win it by a reasonable margin; of course they also must make sure, that countries like Germany, France, Italy and Poland do not get the opportunity to defect ( = no national referenda).
  • Or they can use/produce a state of emergency/”revolutionary process”, which by definition is void of legal requirements at all. In a situation like this, the most organized side will likely win, the side, which can count on the resources of existing nation states.

In both cases they must not wait too long because in the long run the politics of the centrist powers are set to fail, especially the aversion to reform, their utterly unsustainable economic course of action, their highly illusionary energy policy and their going along with US led new cold war policy.

Foto: Kürschner (Diskussion), Wikimedia Commons

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