Eurogold: Another one bites the

small gold
Ducats, Crowns, Vrenelis

dust at 1.070 Euro per phys ounce. Can’t tell you how much was pulled at this price, but the take-down came as expected on friday afternoon, after traders had gone into the weekend. Not everybody has ample funds at his/her disposal, so small coins would be more suitable: Ducats, 10 crowns, 20 Swiss Francs Vrenelis, 1/10 Philhamonics etc. Ask your dealer. As always: No guarantee, no reco, everyone acts at their own risk.

When I allow myself to daydream, I see a new, better democracy with better citizens, who care about their res publica, citizens, who are free, because they have gone beyond the stage of being have-nots (and without being bonded by what they have, of course). Yes, gold can be a metal of violence and enslavement, but also of fulfillment and liberation – once in a lifetime and under the right conditions. Get you some.

Here is Queen, with one of their classics:

Foto: Ron the Con

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