Germanwings 9525: Many Reasons not to trust the French Prosecutor

Rest in peace

Politics trumps justice – above all things, when there is no justice left to be done on earth. This is the case in the Germanwings desaster. It is irrelevant, which dead man has to bear the blame. Lubitz could very well be a scapegoat and the best possible outcome in a bad situation – for a lot of “stakeholders”: Politicians, certain immigrant groups, the airline business and, of course, the real killer(s) of 16 high school kids in the bloom of their youth.

The French prosecutor, Brice Robin, wants the world to believe that a lone gunman, padon me: first officer is responsible for this slaughter. Where did we see this movie already ?

If Monsieur Robin only had hinted at a motive, which is “able to withstand stress” ! But he did not.

This, Robin’s truth, has more than a little aftertaste of managed truth by…well: european consensus. First of all because the story just does not sit right for anybody with a halfway independent mind. And then it seems to be a lesser evil vis-à-vis the possibilities I mentioned the day before yesterday: an islamistic terror attack or the downing of the airplane by remote control (and/or fighter jets).

Sure, first-officer-turned-into-a-suicidal-and-mass-murderous-madman is a theory, which can hardly be swallowed by the airline industry – but in the end it would be less of a burden than those competing “truths”. Or so Herr Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa, could have said to himself.

Of course nobody can look inside a human being and there is the possibility for everyone to go crackers. But no man with a gram of conscience; no one, who is desperate enough to finish himself off,  takes with him/her 150 people – just for fun.

Not without trying to explain himself and his “mission” in a (credible) letter to posteriority or so. Not without a deep rooted grudge against somebody on whom he wants to take revenge (as seems to be  the case in EgyptAir Flight 990).

If nothing of this sort turns up, the questions will be: Do I believe that this unsuspecting friendly fellow from Montabaur was the murderer of 150 people, just like that ? And: Why did Lubitz choose such a strange opportunity, although the situation was not to his advantage and although it was never likely, that this “opportunity” would arise in the first place?

Or do I rather believe, that M Robin, the police and Lufthansa proper are acting politically, trying to minimize the damage that has been done?

If the parties involved keep clinging to this absurd lone gunman without a cause theory, the outcome is predictable: the complete loss of what has been left of the people’s confidence in the legal system (to not to speak of the airline industry).

It would be easy to stop (slow) a situation like this from developing. Just release the audio from the voice recorder – unedited and “as found” (as well as other proven voice samples from the captain and his co-pilot) !

Then everybody can judge for him- or herself: Does all this really back up Robin’s (and Lufthansa’s) version of a lone gunman-first officer?

Foto: Wikimedia Commons, S078

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