Germanwings: Prosecutor will never produce a shred of evidence

What if the narrative of of M Brice Robin about the last 15 minutes of Flight 9525 is an outright invention? A complete and utter fabrication? Nobody would be able to call it as long as there are no legal proceedings, which require le procureur to reveal the audio as an exhibit. But this is highly unlikely, because there will be no criminal case, for sure not in France. The main suspect is dead and M Robin is not obliged to bring up charges against anybody.

That is how they will avoid publishing crucial evidence such as the CVR recordings altogether.

Robin is a civil servant and bound to directives coming from Paris. At best relatives of Andreas Lubitz could try to sue him e.g. for libel, but that would be a futile endeavour from the start.

Germanwings/Lufthansa has for its part done nothing to make itself vulnerable to that sort of legal action. Germanwings did not mention Lubitz’s name, at least not out in the open. It could face civil law suits, brought by relatives of the victims in Germany – but it is in a very good position to thwart them.

Firstly Germanwings has adhered to good international practice with respect to the cockpit door; they did as every other international airliner does. And as part of Lufthansa they probably have stricter rules for recruiting than anybody else. And if there are some minor issues left, you can settle things without a judge (after all it’s only funny money). The most important thing is, that you will not need any CVR recordings at all – the prosecutor has already spoken out, unmistakably.

With M Robin’s early commitment to the first officer is to blame theory, and no further data available (not for the public), it is already case closed.

Only that the lying press has not noticed it yet. Or rather: They appear as if they had not noticed it. They pretend to be surprised about how quick things are proceeding. But they probably know, that Germanwings 9525 is already causa finita – like every f***ing lawyer dealing with this case.

The political handlers of the whole thing seem to be diabolically smart….

But I have to correct myself.

They are neither diabolical nor smart. They are only system savvy. They know how to play the legal system to their advantage.

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