Gold: Hurray, full throttle for 1248 !

An impressing run-up. Let’s see, if it works this time!     :lol:

PS, 2016-02-24, 17:00: Don’t know, what the money doctors are up to. Me thinks that two souls, alas, are dwelling in their breast. The first one is, that they want their cronies to participate in this move as best as they can.

And the second is, that they want to finish this move as soon as they can and with as much physical in their coffers as possible. Judging by the inventory of SPDR they have been highly successful so far and they will go on to be successful until this upward move has exhausted itself. Remember, that their primary mission is to support ZIRP and NIRP.

With this in mind, they should not have allowed this move. But it is a trade off. They get tons and tons of real gold in exchange.

Unabhängiger Journalist

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