How Eurocrats and their Cronies mistreat Leonardo’s Continent

The eurocrats and their client kings could score a point if they would try and act in the best interest of european nations – even if their peoples were not able to understand them (for now). In this case the worst accusation would be, that they had breached legal foundations and constitutional spirit of their political systems.The offenders could reply that they were ahead of their time and that they knew better. But such a claim would be nonsensical as long as everything they touch gets out of hand.

Europe’s Big Picture will not be recognizable 50 years from now and  that goes for the europaths as well as for their foes. Eurocrats and europaths might dream of being thanked by future generations, but hopefully this will be a pipe dream. Instead of getting memorials they will serve as whipping boys for the two minutes hate of future generations.

The main reason for this is, that they have done nothing to improve the chances of life and survival for their descendants. These guys have usurped power in all conscience and with an unshakeable sense of mission, but in the end they can show very little to justify their treasonous acts. Europe’s unification by deception boils down to a huge assumption of rights by the folks with the charisma of a damp rag.

Maybe these banker-politicians think, that their subservience to Washington will be enough to be spared.

The enlightened bureauracracy that is the European Commission sings from the same song-sheet. They have as little a clue as their brothers and sisters in the council. But while Rompy and Tusk specialize(d) in toadying their buddies across the atlantic, the commission’s field of expertise is chicanery. Chicanery against the their underlings, which are not in the position to fight back (or so they think).

The curvy cucumber (which was depicted as a myth until the directive was abolished) is but a populist/popular symbol for this disastrous penchant for bureaucratic excess. It’s all about bullying citizens and their companies. You can call this the completion of the single market if you want (as is done in Brussels).

The irony is, that this insistence on their bureaucratic nonsense comes at a time, when innovation, self-initative and a substantial increase in productivity would be needed more than ever.

There is an energy crunch on the horizon and the union’s external policy has done its best to maximise the risk, pretending to safeguard the sovereignty of one country, while going after the sovereignty of its 28 member states all the time. 

You don’t have to love Russia to recognize the fact that it is a big, neighbouring country, with whom you have to get along for better or worse. You don’t have to coax Putin to accept the fact, that Europe needs russian oil and gas – today and in ten years from now. And you can’t have a normal relationship with someone when at the same time you are anxious to blow up his business.

Russia is depleted like everybody else, but this is exactly where the opportunity for Total, ENI, RWE and Statoil lies. Moreover, the supply with raw material and primary energy with a reasonably high EROEI may be important, but only one factor. Inventive minds and top technology are others, that will be sought after in the whole world.

After all the Siemens-Clan, Rudolf Diesel and Hans von Ohain hailed from the old continent. The europeans, not only the german version thereof, have a lot to offer (apart from financially not feasible welfare state models).

But neither Leonardo’s genius nor the technical expertise of european engineers have made it to the Berlaymont. Instead of getting Europe fit for the tapering off of cheap oil and getting out of the way of businesses, the union engages in subsidizing dead end technologies and in vexatious directives, that make little contribution towards solving the real problem. (The medium term problem will not be a dearth of energy per se but a lack of reasonably cheap, liquid transport fuels.)

Dead loss

We don’t have a Europe of/by/for citizens. All we have is a Union of Planning Authorities (UPA), Politically motivated Free Riders (PmFR) and Profiteering Companies and Associations (PCA). The path the Union takes is visible for all to see (and that is the first good news): it’s the straight way over the cliff.

The second good news is, that this won’t happen immediately, but only after all resources had been drained and gutted.

And the third good news is, that everybody who wants to see it can do so. Governments and the ECB do all they can to forage fuel to have another extension by ten or 15 years – by harassing businesses and confiscating financial wealth from big and small savers (“financial repression”).

The latter still have time to do a vanishing trick. I can’t tell them how and where to vanish, but it is feasible. Self-initiative is the order of the day. Entrepreneurship can take on many forms.

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