Nemtsov: It’s glaringly obvious – there is no case against Putin

Not only our services, also our lying press is at it again – insisting over and over, that the Kremlin has been involved in last week’s murder of russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. Yeah, right, one is tempted to say with this commentator: “A Putin adversary, murdered with the backdrop of St. Basils, this is the stuff of Hollywood, literally.” Paradoxically this is, why one should not buy the suspects as usual-doctrine, incriminating the west. Not this time.

Not only since MH 17 the western public has become accustomed to staged, (semingly) highly visible acts of false flag terror. It is aware of the fact, that it could not turn to its chattering western media asking for the truth. Their commentariat will always answer, what it is supposed to. The western public (as far as it is still awake) knows very well, that it is left alone in the dark when it comes to finding out these sort of things. But they think they know a false flag when they see one.

The same goes for the russian newspaper readers and TV watchers. Even more so as they do not harbour the illusion, that the good guys are from “the west” (not any more). For them it’s outright ridiculous to think, that their authorities have engaged in a political murder with the victim being killed at the doorstep of their government. Even the small “non system opposition refuses to blame the Kremlin”, at least directly.

They know very well, that persons like Nemtsov are an easy catch for the government and that they could be done in in complete silence without anybody noticing it. So why then the highly publicized and politicized drama on Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge ?

The opposition knows that it cannot answer this question in a satisfying manner. And it’s glaringly obvious that there is no reasonable case against Putin. All the opposition can try is to make forget that “the west” has an impressive track record in producing false flag events and make the case, that government hate propaganda has incited right wing violence, etc.

This alone is a big victory for the government – not to mention the transformation, the anti-government crowd has undergone. It was a conversion from a political opposition to peaceful and patriotic mourners.

So – no, it is simply not true,  that “Vladimir Putin had little reason to have Boris Nemtsov killed, let alone at the Kremlin’s doorstep.” Not if you try to think a little bit outside the box.

In the meantime it has become clear, that this assassination was a spectacularly successful hit, a demonstration of what can be done with a lot of planning and in an environment, which is completely under one’s control. I think it will be a lesson in international killer schools for years to come. It was anything but a amateurish drive by shooting or a simple hit job by mobsters.

The CCTV footage from a rooftop camera that has come to the surface is genuine and although it is of little value for the hunt on the murderers (too far away), it is useful to get an overview of what has happened. Accidentally all other surveillance cameras had been turned off - for maintenance purposes. ;-)

The hit planning team seemingly was aware of the fact, that this footage was the only that could find its way to the media. That’s why they bothered to shield the murder from the view from this angle. That was probably the main purpose of the snow-clearing truck. Yes, the cameras were far away, but apparently they did not want to take a risk.

So there is no business card (or passport) from VVP at the crime scene, but for everybody who knows where to look, FSB fingerprints are all over the place.

Does this mean, that in the end we have managed to identify the bad guys in international politics ?

No, at least not the only bad guys there are. Let’s not forget, that there is a really great game going on and that within this great game the life of one person is of little concern.  :cry:

Postscriptum: Next stop is the police, identifying the perpetrators of this apparent false flag. They will succeed. In all probability they will present perps, which will in some way or another – point to western backers. Those might be out of reach, but their helpers in Russia will not. That’s how you reclaim initiative.

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