Scotland: The good side of bad

Scottish Tartan,

My condolences. I know, there’ s lots of bitter feelings against the english in Scotland and I would have been pleased to hear, that you/they had decided cut your/their own path. But it has primarily been your/their business (and to a lesser degree that of Britain). The people has spoken and its verdict was not what I had secretly hoped for. But it is what it is.

As my grandmother told me: There is no bad without a good side. So let me look at the half-full glass.

To begin with, scottish nationalists have been a very pro Brussels crowd. And if they had won, commission and parliament would have begun immediately to try and take advantage for their own agenda. Paradoxically every win for “separatism” in western Europe could be turned into a strike in favour of EU centralism.

Secondly I am aware, that it was first and foremost London, that has benefitted from Scottish oil and gas. But I found it dishonest, to lure the populace with false promises about already severly depleted gas- und oilfields. What is there, is still sizeable, but it would not have turned the Highlands into a rose garden. To wit: “Hence, direct taxation of oil and gas production may account for less than 7% of the Scottish budget. What we should be asking is where the other 93% is going to come from?”

And thirdly: Without pretending to know it – could it be, that part of your/their problem with englishmen has in fact been a vague uneasiness with(in) your/their own upper class ? If so you/they cannot cope with this by becoming independent.

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