Civilians and “civilians” in Aleppo – UN to monitor departure of Jihadis

The Security Council is set to send UN personnel to eastern Aleppo, supposedly to monitor the evacuation of civilians from that war torn area – but in reality to safeguard the withdrawal of remaining jihadist rebels and their kin. The same should apply to four villages in a rebel held province, which have been under siege for a long time. A real surrender by the islamist opposition groups in Aleppo has never been on the agenda, this blogger was told.

This information came to the fore as reaction to this piece. In “Aleppo und Srebrenica” I suggested, that a military surrender would be the cleanest solution and that there should be actionable guarantees for fighters, who lay down their arms.

Maybe there was some real concern to share the fate of the male population after the fall of Muslim Srebrenica to Serb forces in 1995, I figured (7.000 men and boys were killed at the time).

 Surrender in a european meaning is no concept for these people”,

somebody with (limited) insight into the dealings told me.

There is no way to tell civilians and combatants apart, especially not in this case. Therefore evacuation of civilians means evacuation of fighters as well”,

the person said. This would be tantamount to a withdrawal without weapons.

That is why the Syrian side (apparently at the behest of shiite militia) has demanded some Quid pro quo. Which turned out to be four pro government villages in the rebel controlled Idlib province, which could offer a similar amount of civilians and combatants to be rescued.

The person had no specific information regarding the attack on the busses in al-Foua.

Somebody wanted to thwart or only delay the plan. It could be a lot of things. This is pay as paid business (“Zug um Zug”). Maybe it was only a message to the other side to live up to their promises.”

The UN security council is expected to vote on the resolution on monday 9.00 am local time (14.00 GMT). The resolution was drafted by the French, but after having brought in some russian language the council is expected to vote unanimously for it, as per Reuters.

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