Don’t mind the Man with the Hat – Laachraoui was the terror scout

The powers to be want to deflect attention from the fact, that at least one of the perpetrators in the March 22 bombings in Brussels was engaged in people (terrorist) smuggling into Europe. Thats why the media makes all this fuss about the alleged “third suicide bomber”, Faysal C.. It’s what you call a Psyop.

There are already three suicide bombers, who have been positively identified: Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui (Maelbeek and Zaventem bombings) and Najim Laachraoui (Zaventem).

This man lead IS terrorists from Syria to Europe and had himself picked up by Salah Abdeslam in Budapest, the master mind of the Paris bombings from Nov., 13.

This is a) incontrovertible “official fact” (identification of Laachraoui as suicide bomber from Zaventem by his DNA) and/or b) well substantiated findings from investigators in Austria und Hungary.

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