Schanghai, Teststation f. Untergang der Welt wie wir diese kennen, Zitat

“Shanghai has always been seen as the most “civilized” city in China. Shanghai is often called Le Paris de l’Orient, it is an “international” first tier city… probably the top Chinese city in terms of openness, quality of life and access to medical care. Nobody expected to see such levels of insanity in Shanghai… in other areas of the country, yes, but not here (…) My take is: It could be a test for something much bigger (ie., war, energy crisis) or they are truly afraid of the unrest if lots of old people were to die. Chinese people tend to get emotional and the last thing the authorities want to deal with is mobs lynching doctors in the streets.” Ugo Bardi, The lockdown in China: if the powerful are doing something that looks stupid, is because whatever they’re doing IS actually stupid

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