The Euro was a coup d’etat from the very start, Greece Groupies

I am tired of listening to all this claptrap about the recent agreement between Greece and the Eurogroup being a coup against the european project by turning Greece into a vassal state und yadda yadda. Dear friends from Greece, I have news for you: The whole project of european unification has been a coup d’etat against all involved european nations from the very beginning. A very, very slow coup by the political elites of said countries, in a collective action against their (not any longer) voters. How come, that you have to be made aware of this?

And please, comrades from and to Greece: In this case we, the taxpayers and welfare recipients of creditor nations, are not talking about financial oligarchs and their habit of catching unfortunate individuals and states in their debt traps. At least not exactly so.

We mean something similar. We are talking about the fact, that our treacherous political classes took the debt, incurred by your state from the books of big european banks (mostly “ours”) and transferred it on to our shoulders, on the shoulders of your fellow european workers and entrepreneurs.

You could respond by saying, that it is on us to sort this problem out and you would be right with that. We have to settle this matter with our politicians – which will take time.

In the meantime please forgive us for not tolerating the largesse, with which our politicians treat our money and our resources. In this respect credit and credit guarantees for Greece are only one case in point – but an important one. It’s not because we are prejudiced against you, not the majority.

Unabhängiger Journalist

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