Tverberg zu CO2-Märchen und Energiemangel – Zitat d. Tages

“The real story is that fossil fuels are moving away from us. Somehow, we must adapt, very quickly, to this disastrous situation (…) It should be noted that this ‘we-can-move-from-fuels narrative’ has been spearheaded by the International Energy Association (IEA), which is an arm of the OECD. (I mentioned earlier that I have equated OECD with Advanced Economies). Countries included in ‘Other than Advanced Economies’, at best, claim lip service to limiting carbon emissions. Their primary interest is in raising the living standards of their populations. To a significant extent, the fossil fuels that Advanced Economies decide not to use can be used by Other than Advanced Economies.” Gail Tverberg, Advanced Economies Will Be Especially Hurt by Energy Limits, Our Finite World, 17.3.2024

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