V. Smil ü. die Entkarbonisierungs-Schimäre – Zitat des Tages

“Contrary to common impressions, there has been no absolute worldwide decarbonization. In fact, the very opposite is the case. The world has become much more reliant on fossil carbon (even as its relative share has declined a bit) … We have not made the slightest progress in the goal of absolute global decarbonization: emission declines in many affluent countries were far smaller than the increased consumption of coal and hydrocarbons in the rest of the world, a trend that has also reflected the continuing deindustrialization in Europe and North America and the rising shares of carbon-intensive industrial production originating in Asia.Vaclav Smil, Halfway Between Kyoto and 2050. Zero Carbon Is a Highly Unlikely Outcome, 28.5.2024, abgerufen bei Fraser Institute

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