“Verunglückte” Zinswende in Australien – Zitat des Tages

“The Reserve Bank of Australia had become the first major central bank among developed economies to ‘pause’ its rate hikes at the meeting in April. This was widely ballyhooed as a harbinger for the Great Pause that would spread among other central banks, to then be quickly followed by the Great Rate Cuts – in months not years. Those hopes got crushed when the RBA became the first central bank to un-pause at the May meeting with a 25-basis point hike. Today, the RBA hiked its cash rate another 25 basis points to 4.1%, the highest since April 2012. It put more hikes on the table.” Wolf Richter, Reserve Bank of Australia, First Central Bank to “Pause,” then “Un-Pause,” Hikes Again, Warns of More Hikes. QT Continues, 6.6.2023

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