Euro-Politico alleges Perversion of Justice by US President Trump

While political enemies of US-president Trump prepare for impeachment in congress, a european politico, who is seen as mouth piece for the EU Commission’s president, has hinted, that Donald Trump wants to abolish the separation of powers. The scandalous statement by Luxemburg’s foreign minister is not supported by facts, at least up to now. Which can be seen by the new administration’s cautious behavior re “muslim immigration ban”.

(This is a short version of this german language posting).

Jean Asselborn’s statement appearantly was made in a dpa report (german wire service), which reads:

Jetzt müsse die US-Regierung aber beweisen, dass Abschottung, eine Aufhebung der Gewaltenteilung und das Abkanzeln von Journalisten nicht zu diesen Werten gehörten.”

In my own translation (emphasis mine):

Now US government has to proove, that isolation, the abolishment of the separation of powers and the dissing of journalists do not belong to these (i.e. ‘common european and US’) values.”

Screenshot dpa-Meldung

While there is a debate on the constitutionality of the presidential executive orders in the USA, there has not been any indication of Trump abandoning the separation of powers at home, at least not yet.

Take the so called “muslim immigration ban” as an example.

As of now, the Trump administration has strictly adhered to the judiciary findings on this executive order (“judge Robart”, “appellation court”). All the while the “deep state” aka intelligence community is leaking transcripts from senior members of the Trump administration (which should not have been recorded in the first place).

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