Germanwings: “Blackmail Threat” to adduce evidence in civil case in USA

In the case of Germanwings flight 9525 victim’s lawyers have threatened to go into civil litigation in USA – which is a bluff and a “blackmailing threat” at the same time. This is because real legal proceedings could introduce serious consideration of evidence – in which nobody seems to be interested in Europe.

So far neither investigation authorities nor Lufthansa have shown real ambition to give insight into what their body of evidence is. A bunch of dubious media coverage is all there seems to be. It is based on what “investigators” allegedly said to journalists, sources, which typically refuse to be named.

Apart from two press conferences, which were held in a very early phase, no evidence has been put forward officially and unambiguously. Most of the publicly available “information” on Germanwings 9525 is chatter and hearsay from unidentified sources. The cockpit voice recordings have never beeen released properly.

Most of the time stuff came out of traditional media (“lying press”), which do not have the means to assess what they were told (most of them are not even willing to). And there is another unwillingness, but from the part of investigative auhorities. Their failure to present hard evidence speaks volumes.

Nobody in the judiciary will be obliged to produce a penal case, all the more as the main suspect Andreas Lubitz is dead.

Lufthansa, the parent company of Germanwings, seems to have given in from the start. It has accepted the version of the so called prosecution, a hotchpotch theory which can be best described as an offspring of the ever popular lone gunman theory.

Lufthansa has offered 25.000 Euros in damages for every victim, but some lawyers seem intent to negotiate a better deal. This is the context of their threat to draw in a real court in another jurisdiction. This should not be taken serious until genuine litigation activities have set in.

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