“Lockdowns & Co. ‘holistic social engineering’” – Zitat des Tages

“Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, governments around the world, along with a handful of unelected medical experts, have been behaving as though they are the social engineers of totalitarian regimes (e.g., fascism, Nazism, and communism). To be more precise, this select group of political leaders and medical experts have upended economies, as well as the lives of billions of ordinary people, by implementing extremely coercive and restrictive lockdowns and physical distancing measures for the stated purpose of bringing the pandemic under control and preventing future outbreaks (…) Unfortunately, instead of criticizing this state of affairs, the mainstream media and major social media platforms are fully on board (…) If Karl Popper and Friedrich Hayek had witnessed the type of central planning that has taken place since the beginning of the pandemic, they would have called it ‘holistic social engineering’.”Birsen Filip, Mises Institute, The Covid Lockdowns Showed Us How Dangerous Social Engineers have become

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