Städtische Zombie-Apokalypse ohne Diesel – Zitat des Tages

“They say, that if Ocasio-Cortez gets her way and bans all fossil fuels it’s going to eliminate 10 million jobs in the US. Oh is that all it’ll do? I tell you what it’ll do. Say, we ended it overnight – no more fossil fuels -, the rot would begin in the centers of the urban places, cause the food wouldn’t get there. Trucks can’t run on batteries with 40 tons of food in it. So the people would begin to die in the centre of the cities (…) basically people will begin to starve from the centres out…and guess what people will then eat…right…. like in boats at sea, that don’t get found. Thats what would happen. It’s a lot worse than 10 million people, losing their jobs in the oil industry.” Patrick Moore – The Power of Truth (YT)

Der “abtrünnige” Greenpeace-Mitgründer Patrick Moore.

Moore hat mit seinem Szenario für die Innenstädte prinzipiell wohl recht – siehe Alice Friedemann, hier.

Leider (Gottseidank?) geht er davon aus, dass die flüssigen Transporttreibstoffe noch weitere 500 Jahre reichen.

Dank an K. für den Tipp!

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