Eurogold: R. took some chips from table, 50% annualized interest rate

R., who had bought big way in mid September, has cashed in part of his recent gains. He sold 15 chips at 1.064 which amounts to 6 pc (net) within a period of six weeks. That’s nice. To be honest – I did advise against it, but in the end it’s his money. And he had been overstretched anyway, so it had been a convenient opportunity. Thirdly he had to make a cash down for a decent new familiy car.

R. likes to poke fun at me, because – as he maintains -, I always know when to buy, but never when to sell. Moreover, says he, you don’t have the slightest idea what kids can cost you. My kids and their Mom really are used to living it up. Thank heaven for my job.

The downside is, that R. works 70 hours a week and that he cannot forget his job even when at home. He is a financial wizard in a big firm. Well, maybe more of a bean counter. He always speaks of sunk cost after having bought some physical (wink, wink).

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