Geliebter Feind: Trump und die “liberale” TV-Gemeinde – Zitat

“In the first three weeks of 2021, the network (CNN) averaged 2.2 million viewers – only to plummet to just one million viewers – a decline of 54%. Among the key advertising demographic of adults age 25-54, ratings are down 60%. From December 28 through Inauguration day, viewership went from 617,000 viewers in that demographic to just 244,000 since Biden took office (…) CNN also fared worse than liberal competitor MSNBC, which lost ‘only’ 34% of its total-day viewers, and 30% of primetime viewers under Biden.” Zerohedge: CNN Can’t Stop Losing: Viewership Down By Half Since Biden Took Office, 60% In Key Demo

Unabhängiger Journalist

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