Euro Gold II: Cash Management, 34 per cent annualized interest rate

IMAG0072aTime for another update on my little project positive interest rates. My friend, who had invested a good deal of his christmas allowance and an advance on his end of the year bonus in physical gold, has sold some rounds to fill up his cash coffers ( à 1.140 Euro). He got 14% net for nearly five months, from this point, which makes for an annualized 34 %. But make no mistake: it was a marginal thing. R. would never give up his insurance against systemic failure.

Gold: Slaving away at 50% Fibo

Second attempt of conquering the 50 % Fibonacci on the way down. 1208 must be undercut sustainably, but, please, not again in full daylight. Nothing goes up in a straight line and you really don’t want to delete the TA patterns completely. You’ll need them later on. Have an earlier go for the second try, so that you can achieve a lower level after the ‘reopening’. Edit, 16-02-18, 06.00 am: The move down got stuck here or so one should believe.   [Read more...]

Lifting of “gold” by weak $ goes on – Combined XAU derivative operation

The currency manipulation involving the US dollar, major fiat currencies and financial gold, XAU, goes on – with a twofold overall effect: a controlled weakening of the US dollar and an increase in the price of financial gold, XAU (as well controlled). This could have resulted in a zero sum game for e.g. eurogold. But even as the euro appreciates versus the dollar, financial gold in euro goes up. Talk about the wonders of modern algorithmics…PS on today’s continued melt up.
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Euro gold: Cash Management, 40 per cent annualized interest rate

Time for another update on my little project positive interest rates.  My friend, who had invested a good deal of his christmas allowance and an advance on his end of the year bonus in physical gold, has cashed in some to pay for the skiing classes of his kids (it’s a weird folkloristic thing here in Austria, nobody can afford to stand apart). It was 7,5 % net for two months, from this point, which makes for an annualized 40 %. But make no mistake: it was but an exercise in cash management, a marginal thing. R. would never give up his insurance against systemic failure. [Read more...]

Dollarcrash, Öl, Finanzgold und der Wert ganz, ganz echten Golds

Es sieht so aus, als seien unsere lieben Freunde Zentralbanker zur Erkenntnis gekommen, dass die Legende vom starken Dollar doch nicht mehr zweckmäßig ist und das unabwendbare Dahinscheiden des Währungskönigs eine ganz andere Inszenierung benötigt. Ich weiß nicht, was sie sich ausgedacht haben, aber offenbar wird dem Dollar gerade der support des offiziellen Sektors entzogen. Bis 17: 25 MEWZ ist der USDX jedenfalls um 1,40 Prozent zusammengebrochen, siehe hier. [Read more...]

Goldmanagement in den Zeiten der Finanziellen Repression

Der Goldpreis ist manipuliert/gemanagt wie jede beliebige Fiat-Währung (oder Öl). Was bei aurum passiert, ist viel umfassender als alles, was üblicherweise unter Währungsmanagement verstanden wird. Die Wissenschaften, die dafür eingesetzt werden müssen, reichen von Finanzmathematik bis Wirtschaftspsychologie. Diese Strategie kann auf längere Sicht nicht erfolgreich sein – und mittelfristig auch nur, sofern die Staaten zu brachialen Mitteln greifen (“Goldverbot”). [Read more...]

Gold Countdown: Meanwhile at the Comex…. – Quote of the day

screenshot Youtube_Holter

Three months ago I outlined how a fractionalized commodity exchange is operated. At the time everybody and their grandmother took note, that Comex warehouse stocks had reached an unprecedented low. Since then they have declined further – but there has been no delivery default. This gold bug explains, how longs can be coaxed out of getting physical. Key word is premium in cash. [Read more...]

Heimkehrer-Gold: 1200 aus 14299 Barren, wenigstens erste Tranche

Die Nationalbank hat ihr Gold, von dem niemand weiß, wieviel noch existiert, heimgeholt (“zu Hause ist es doch am schönsten”) – fast alles. Fast alles von jenen 50 Prozent, die man heimzuholen gedenkt. Naja, nicht ganz, aber ein Teil war’s schon. Ein kleinerer. 15 Tonnen gut und gern. Die erste Tranche davon. Jetzt sind nur mehr 13.100 Barren in London, Ehrenwort! [Read more...]

Eurogold: R. took some chips from table, 50% annualized interest rate

R., who had bought big way in mid September, has cashed in part of his recent gains. He sold 15 chips at 1.064 which amounts to 6 pc (net) within a period of six weeks. That’s nice. To be honest – I did advise against it, but in the end it’s his money. And he had been overstretched anyway, so it had been a convenient opportunity. Thirdly he had to make a cash down for a decent new familiy car. [Read more...]

Gold: Ist COMEX endlich am Ende? Oder ist’s wieder falscher Alarm?

Leser dieses Blogs wissen, dass im sogenannten Goldmarkt ein Hütchenspiel mit extremem Hebeleffekt stattfindet – auf allen Ebenen, von den Zentralbanken bis hin zu den Rohstoffbörsen; dass also einer innerhalb des Systems befindlichen physischen Goldunze Eigentumsansprüche von etwa 100 Unzen gegenüberstehen (“Papiergold”). Nun gibt es Anzeichen, dass die Manager und Profiteure dieses Betrugs davor stehen, den Luftballon zum Platzen zu bringen. Sie können freilich auch in letzter Sekunde umsteuern und das Spiel verlängern.  Ein Erklärstück.

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Eurogold : Ready – set – go at 1.000

IMAG0072aAnother bargain after two months. My well to do friend decided to have a go after last week’s decline in the USD POG. Right now the dollar price nearly is where it was, when my friend stepped into the physical market last time. Difference being that the Euro is stronger now-  and this is why R. managed to pick up some phys ounces at a considerable discount - minus 6 % compared to july. [Read more...]

Gold: Waiting Game for Grandma’s Bracelet (and CB reserves) goes on

Two weeks ago I got the impression that paper gold kitty has started its journey to the basement, but this cat has its own will and, above all, it hates (correct) predictions of what it will or won’t do in the immediate future. This is why it decided to hang around two more weeks at 1100 USD and 1000 Euro per troy ounce. It still has to blur the stark impression, POG’s (relatively) sudden downmove from 1175 has caused. But the cat’s travel plans stay the same. [Read more...]